“Creativity in our children is as important as Literacy.

A very good friend sent me a link to a TED talk yesterday…take a look.

Ken Robinson https://www.ted.com/talks/ken_robinson_says_schools_kill_creativity#t-6646

As a teacher, I find that schools are asked and required to pigeon hole children; so frustrating.

I work with young people every day. I love my job and that is due to the young people that I meet and the way THEY inspire ME. Different needs, wants, abilities, interests, support in place, genders, cultures, all make for interesting and thought-provoking interactions.

As Ken Robinson states “Intelligence is three things:


Dynamic and


We need as a society to encourage young people to ‘try’ and ‘experience’. When offered work experience or a ‘glimpse into the life of…’ young people should be jumping at the chance, not shying away in case they fail or flop. I met with a very inspirational and dynamic teacher today, from a local school. Her aim is very clear; “let’s provide all our young people with as many opportunities to experience what could be out there for them. They need to be able to hear from and see different sectors of workplaces, meet people who hold the job roles currently and begin to understand what jobs may exist in the future, when it is their turn to be employed”.

I wholeheartedly agree. I have been fortunate enough to be heavily involved in the recruitment and excitement of work experience at Lister Hospital Stevenage for 75 young people during an Easter holidays. A life-changing week for all involved, and the hospital ran as usual throughout; no mean feat for the staff and the incredible team who created and organised it all.

A year 10 from a school of boys with emotional, behavioural and mental health needs; experiencing work experience with a local and national company, creating a school community project and presenting ideas and the project to a group of staff…unbelievable life skills and workplace etiquette and a robot to show off too!

Young Looked After Children who often find school extremely frightening and in a way threatening; business people allowing these young people to flourish and be supported, whilst attending ELSA school programme days. I am so privileged to have this support.

When working alongside young people I am forever asking them what they think of this idea that, and giving it a try. Ken states “Be prepared to be wrong, and you will be able to come up with something original.” So true.

I work with young people who find it hard to sit still, I visit schools where BEFORE assembly starts, every single child has to sit still, in line, quietly and regimented like soldiers..where did freedom of action disappear to? My favourite schools; those that allow the children to run in, dawdle or simply arrive, whilst holding bits of blu tac, or an elastic band ball, or their favourite toy…does it really matter that much if they fiddle whilst watching and enjoying their peers perform? I agree with Ken, there are so many out there, adults included, who “have to move to think.”

And finally an evening thought from Ken, before I switch off my laptop.

“Use the gift of imagination carefully and see our children for the hope that they are.”

Enjoy the learn through movement, laughter and discovery.