If someone cannot learn the way we teach, maybe we should teach the way they learn

“At ELSA we feel that everyone should have the chance to achieve. As a community interest company, ELSA places greater emphasis on social skills, life skills and empowering young people to realise their potential. ELSA works with all young people both in mainstream and specialist education, delivering workshops which encourage debate, discussion, honesty and aspirational pathways, all aimed to increase self-esteem and self-worth.”

Jane Shipley, ELSA Founder & CEO


Get Work Ready

A one day programme which allows students to take part in interview and job application challenges that employers use within their current recruitment processes.

Discover Believe Become

Through self- assessment, individual and team activities, students begin to build a profile, see pathways for personal development and attention to their future plans.

Take A Young Person To Work

A fun and energising programme where a new business is set up and explored, enabling students to use and appreciate employability skills valued in today’s workplaces.

#Be Bold for Change

 A social enterprise programme requiring students to work as teams to assess the needs & challenges of identified community groups in modern society.

Connect Commit Empower

A one day programme to encourage schools and their students to engage with their local charities and communities. The students are social entrepreneurs for the day.

Bespoke (modular) programmes

We can create and deliver bespoke programmes tailored to your needs.



Behind Closed Doors

This workshop is delivered by Zoe, a survivor of Domestic Abuse, with real honesty and from a completely personal perspective. Through her own insight and experience, students hear what DA means in real terms and they leave with a far greater understanding of the impact it has. Our aim is to provide the young people with a ‘toolkit’ to prevent future abuse.

Healthy Only Please

This interactive workshop encourages students to examine and understand what constitutes healthy and unhealthy relationships. Through student-led discussion, they examine their current relationships with family, friends or acquaintances. They leave better informed and empowered to consider future relationship choices, ensuring less potential vulnerability.

No More Hate

This workshop is to follow shortly … we are in talks with numerous Police forces, and project task leaders.


We have run Careers Education days in the past but what made this event stand out was the focus on real skills and capabilities that will facilitate future success rather than the ins and outs of various roles that can be easily researched independently. There was a genuine buzz to each activity as students engaged with a series of challenges that took them out of their comfort zone and pushed them to see just how successful they could be. Student feedback was universally positive and many surprised themselves by their resourcefulness and resilience on that day. David Croston

Headteacher, Chancellor's School, Hertfordshire

I really enjoyed the day and learnt what was appropriate to say in interviews and the skills that I need to impress. This varied from team building to communication skills. I enjoyed the different practical sessions and working in teams with students I wouldn’t normally speak to. The day overall was really useful and certainly something I’ll remember. It helped build my confidence which will benefit me in the future. Year 9 Student

Student, Knightsfield School, Hertfordshire

Jane and the other staff at ELSA have been fundamental in the development and delivery of careers advice and guidance in our school. They have allowed students to interact with numerous local and national employers, which have developed many important skills needed to progress in the world of work including working as a team, thinking outside the box, interview techniques and the confidence to speak positively about themselves.

The innovative way the sessions are produced engage and enthuse the students. From designing their own sandwich to be sold in a local sandwich shop in year 7 to our LGBTQ+ students delivering an inset session to the staff, our students are being exposed activities and situations that they otherwise wouldn’t have access to if we were not working with Jane and her team.

Jane’s drive to ensure every student has the opportunity to be the best version of themselves and to develop the skills they will need to succeed is unparalleled and infectious.  We thank her for all that she does and look forward to new and exciting projects in the future!

Raising Aspirations Leader

The Priory School, Hitchin



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We are always looking for volunteers. Volunteers add realism to the workshops, and each and every person involved gains something from the encounter.


We can create and deliver bespoke programmes tailored to your needs.


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